Behavioral Interventions for Opioid Use Disorder

The opioid epidemic gave rise to an unprecedented number of overdose deaths. Just as some of these figures started to plateau or decline, the COVID-19 pandemic halted this progress and overdose deaths began to rise again. As many individuals who go on to abuse opioids were first prescribed these medications for pain, it is important to understand the links between pain

management and opioid use disorder. This presentation will provide an overview of the diagnostic criteria for opioid use disorder and screening tools to aid with identifying its presence in clinical settings. The interrelationships between pain management and opioid use disorder will be reviewed and evidenced-based behavioral interventions that are used to treat both pain and opioid use disorder will be presented.

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Ravi Prasad


Ravi Prasad, PhD is a psychologist by training and currently Clinical Professor and Director of Behavioral Health in the Department of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine at the University of California, Davis School of Medicine. His clinical work focuses primarily on evaluation and treatment of individuals suffering from acute and chronic pain conditions. He is actively engaged in leadership activities at regional and national levels through which he has been involved with interprofessional core competency, curriculum, and program development; lobbying efforts to change policies related to psychological care; and translation of research innovations into clinical practice. Outside the realm of pain, he has an avid interest in clinician wellness and has led efforts to implement associated initiatives in healthcare settings

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