Goldilocks in Crisis: Determining the Dose That is "Just Right."

Course Description: Is there value to providing medications at low doses when the analgesic benefit may not be realized but the patient is still exposed to the risks of the medications? Are high doses of alternatives safer than low doses of opioids? Should opioids be avoided all together? Two experienced clinicians from different practice settings (palliative care and acute inpatient care) will embrace the controversies and involve the audience in an interactive game of Family Feud where the presenters will use case based vignettes to present the evidence behind the "top answers on the board" as it relates to pertinent analgesic-related questions. The purpose is to provide some clarity to analgesic doses in areas where it might not be so clear and prepare those in attendance with the knowledge to tackle come of these problems at their practice sites.

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Jessica E. Geiger, PharmD, MS, BCPS

Clinical Pharmacy Practitioner
VA Northern California
Powell, OH

Jessica Geiger PharmD, MS is a pharmacist practicing in palliative care at OhioHealth in Columbus Ohio. She was never afraid to take the harder road to end up in the right place. She would be a magician’s assistant, talented saxophonist, vet technician and serve in the Marine Corp before landing with solid footing in the pharmacy profession. And, as a chronic pain sufferer since the age of 14, Jessica understands better than most the frustration and unnecessary suffering that comes when pain is not believed or not managed well. Since herniated disks don’t typically happen to 14-year old’s, she was constantly up against being afraid to ask for what she needed, or physicians who either didn’t want to or know what to prescribe for her to function; no one wanted to do anything for her.
Pharmacy in a hospice and palliative care setting allows Jessica the satisfaction of making a profound impact in symptom management for countless pain sufferers by providing appropriate treatment coupled with compassionate care. Jessica leads the integration of palliative care pharmacy into OhioHealth. She is passionate about customized care specific to each patient, and multi-disciplinary palliative care education, especially the pharmacology of medications used commonly in palliative care.

Tanya J. Uritsky, PharmD, BCPP

Opioid Stewardship Coordinator
Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
Malvern, PA

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