Cannabinoid Clinical Applications

Cut through the cannabis hysteria! What are the actual natural entities within cannabis plants known as cannabinoids? What are the entities within human bodies, known as endocannabinoids? Perhaps even beyond the immune system, the next truly least understood body system is the endocannabinoid system, particularly with respect to its overlap with all others. This course provides a baseline knowledge of this natural and human basis for cannabinoids, then navigates further into the realm of possible clinical applications for cannabinoid compounds. Do cannabinoids act like over-the-counter NSAIDs? Do cannabinoids mitigate glaucoma symptoms? This presentation will discuss practical and tangible patient care clinical applications and more, centering around helping more and more patients with inquisitive and open minds

Learning Objectives

  • Recall inconclusive clinical applications for cannabinoids based on multiple reputable recent studies in order to avoid inappropriate treatment selections for patient care.
  • Recall cannabinoid clinical applications deemed as “possibly affective” as per multiple reputable recent studies in order to provide appropriate treatment selections and patient education.
  • Explain the mechanisms of action for cannabinoid utilization in pain management, cachexia, nausea/vomiting, multiple sclerosis, and epilepsy, referred to as “known to be effective” as per multiple reputable recent studies.
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Douglas L. Gourlay


Doug Gourlay trained as a physical chemist and anesthesiologist, focusing his practice on the assessment and treatment of chronic pain patients suffering from concurrent substance use disorders. He has written extensively on the subject of Pain and Addiction, especially in the realm of drug testing and monitoring.


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